Internal Complaint Committee (I.C.C)

Sr. No. Members Designation
1 Prof. M.V.Bhalerao Chairman
2 Prof. Dr. N.S.Walimbe Member
3 Shri.S.N.Gunjal  Member
4 Prof. Dr. S.G.Wakchaure  Member
5 Prof. A.R.Rasane Member
6 Prof. S.V.Vachaani  Member
7 Mr. A.R.Ushire Member
8 Prof. S.V.Dharane  Member, Secretary

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

  1. To provide a neutral, confidential and supportive environment for member of the campus community who may have been sexually harassed.
  2. To advice complainant of means of resolution as specified by the legislation.
  3. To ensure fair and timely resolution of sexual harassment complaints.
  4. To provide counselling and support services on campus.
  5. To ensure that students, faculty and staff are provided with current and comprehensive materials on sexual harassment.
  6. To promote awareness about respectful and safe campus environment.