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Welcome To Department Of Mechanical Engineering

HOD Mechanical  Mechanical Engineering is one of the most sought after branch in Engineering. It has got wide applications in industry. Mechanical engineers are required in manufacturing, automobile industry, power plants, aviation industry, nuclear energy and all major industries and small scale industries as well as in Government sector. The Department has well developed laboratories, infrastructure and ecosystem for grooming the successful Mechanical engineers of tomorrow.

Prof. Amol R. Rasane (HOD)
Mechanical Engineering

Program Specific Outcome

  1. To develop an ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems in three core streams of Mechanical Engineering, i.e. design engineering, thermal and fluids engineering and manufacturing engineering.
  2. To develop an ability to design, manufacture and test an energy efficient system for required engineeringapplications.
  3. To develop an ability to use CAD/CAM/CAE/Computational tools to solve engineering problems.
  4. To develop an ability to represent and read an engineering idea physically by means of a 2D / 3D drawing.
  5. To develop an ability to prepare and execute the plan to manufacture components / assembly